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LifeHouse Creative Arts is a new creative arts space in Coffs Harbour.

LHCA is excited to offer affordable dance, drama, vocal, music and visual arts classes for kids and teens, beginner level and up.

And the fun isn't just for the kids; we also have classes planned for grown-ups keen to develop their own creativity.

Three teenage girls hugging and smiling.

Our Vision

To give people the experience of joy through Creative Arts, and to inspire others along the way.

Our Mission

We give students the opportunity to discover and grow in their creative expression as we meet them where they’re at and help them grow into their potential.


We build confidence with physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being.


Our atmosphere is fun, wholesome, non-competitive & nurturing.

Our Teachers

Our team of teachers are looking forward to meeting you! All of our teachers are passionately creative. They get excited about seeing kids grow in confidence as they engage with their in-built creativity.


Our teachers all have different stories and backgrounds. They bring a range of experiences, having each taken their own path to practicing, teaching, and sharing their chosen art-form.


Read more about each of our teachers here.

All of our teachers hold a current NSW Working With Children Check.

LHCA teacher break-dancing in a white studio

LHCA is a love-project of LifeHouse Church, initiated through the generous donations of our church community. We are a not-for-profit creative arts school, which means we can keep our focus on our vision and mission, and offer an affordable option for local families.

LHCA shares its location with LifeHouse Church, The PlayHouse, and LifeHouse Care Op Shop and Pantry. Discover more about these organisations below:

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The Play House Logo
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