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Student Guide


We create an environment for students that is fun, wholesome, non-competitive, nurturing and welcoming. Our mission is to develop each student’s creative gifts.


Students will be under the care of LHCA during the individual student’s timetabled class. Before and after class times any students will be in the care of their parent or guardian. Students are to arrive with a parent or guardian ten (10) minutes prior to their class time and wait in the PlayHouse area. Students are to leave under parent supervision once classes are finished. Teachers cannot provide care or supervision for children outside of their allocated class times.

If your child is under the age of 10 years, you are required to remain on site during their class. Otherwise you may briefly leave the premises while your child is participating, ensuring you are ready to receive them into your care as their class concludes.


To minimise student distraction, classes will not be available to be viewed or watched by parents/guardians or other interested or related people. We will have showcase events that provide this opportunity. The exception to this is when parents are also active participants in a class, such as an early childhood movement class.


Young students need to be toilet trained and capable of taking themselves to the toilet if necessary during class except for preschool classes. Parents are asked to take younger children to the toilet prior to each class.


We promote and encourage positive and respectful interactions between all students, teachers and parents/guardians. Nastiness, bullying, swearing or any other inappropriate behaviour is not accepted. Any person not cooperating with this approach will be asked to leave the premises.



The time and day of each class will be displayed at the time of booking. On rare occasions the regular class time and day may need to be changed, and this remains at the discretion of LHCA.


Should a class be rescheduled and the new time be incompatible for the student, we will refund the pro-rata fees for classes missed due to the re-scheduling.


If a teacher becomes unavailable on a particular day for a student’s class, we will use our best endeavours to provide a substitute teacher. If we are unable to do this, and the class is subsequently cancelled on that day, we will refund the pro-rata fees.



Classes are scheduled in a back-to-back program. This means that parents/guardians won’t have the opportunity to chat with the students' teacher on the day of a class. If a parent/guardian would like to communicate with their child’s teacher they can email LHCA will endeavour to reply within 1-2 business days.


Fees are displayed for each class on the booking page. They are for 1 term of classes, and are paid in full at the time of booking. LHCA have no facilities to stagger payments throughout a term or to receive payment via any other method than the online booking page on our website. Students will not be enrolled until the online booking and payment process has been completed. We are endeavouring to make all classes as affordable as possible, and as such do not have the systems for reserving class spots beyond the actual booking process.


Pricing is based on a lesson fee multiplied by the number of weeks the lesson is being provided in each given term. This will mean that lessons that would otherwise fall on a public holiday will not proceed, and the term fee has been set with this taken into consideration.


We are unable to offer refunds for missed classes, whether this be because of illness, injury, travel, or change of mind. In extremely extenuating circumstances we may be able to consider a partial refund by application in writing to



In the instance of dance classes, teachers, parents/guardians & students all understand that dance instruction often involves some physical contact where a teacher may need to demonstrate an alignment of legs, arms and the posture of the body to assist students to understand the movement, stability or balance. If you have concerns about this policy please discuss this with the LHCA Director. Should you not agree to this policy, please advise LHCA prior to enrolment in writing to and LHCA will determine and advise if we remain able to provide this class to you/your child.



Each class will have different clothing requirements. These will be advised prior to the commencement of each term, and students will need to be dressed accordingly in order to participate in a class.



Media such as videos and photographs taken of students during classes, rehearsal, or performances managed by LHCA may be used for advertising and promotion on online, social and printed material. As it is not possible to remove students from group video and photographic footage students and their parent/guardian agree to this, and they express permission that the student may be in such footage. Should you not agree to this policy, please advise LHCA prior to enrolment in writing to and LHCA will determine and advise if we remain able to provide this class to you/your child.



A number of classes and individual students will be invited to participate in Showcase Concerts. If you a student/parent/guardian accepts this invitation they agree to the additional costume costs and rehearsal times, if applicable. Students/parents/guardians also acknowledge that Showcase Concerts are public events and as such LHCA does not have control over videos or photographs captured or published by other people.



By attending any class, the student (and their parent/guardian where relevant) agree that they are medically fit for the class. 


Students are not to attend any lessons if they are unwell including but not limited to: coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath, running nose, COVID, gastro, or any other contagious illness.



It is understood by students and their parents/guardians that dance classes can involve personal injury and in undertaking such activities the student does so at their own risk. Students and their parents/guardians agree as a condition of participating in any LHCA class or event, that it’s principal, instructors, students, members, assistants or agents are absolved from all liability arising from injury or damage, as a member of LHCA when participating or in any way whatsoever due to any negligent act, breach of duty, default and/or omission on the part of LifeHouse Church trading as LHCA, its office bearers, directors and assistants or agents. While LHCA takes reasonable care in the conduct of their classes, any person participating in LHCA is only allowed to do so on the distinct understanding of their parent/guardian and themselves that they do so at their own risk.

In the event of an injury or illness suffered while participating in any LHCA class or event, Students and their Parents/Guardians give permission for LHCA to call an ambulance on their behalf if considered necessary by staff/teachers, and agree that the cost of any such Ambulance service will be payable by the Student or their Parent /Guardian.



This Student Guide forms the essential terms and conditions for students and their parents/guardians with respect to their engagement with LHCA. As a student or parent/guardian you agree to abide by this student guide.

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